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Happy Clients 



"I started working with Annie because I knew my website needed SEO help, what I discovered is that she provided me with so much more than just SEO help. Her review of my website, detailed spreadsheets about how to improve my website and SEO made what seemed so confusing so clear and easy to manage.


Since working with her, the traffic to my site has gone up 49% and my blogs are reaching more readers than ever before! Annie is thorough, clear, and focused on getting her clients the success they work so hard for."

Erica Shaw, Skin Therapist & Blogger, Co-owner

Enlighten Bodhi Spa

"Your blog articles, particularly the fitness articles, have increased our site viewership and converted to sales on our Liquid I.V. site. The content clearly engaging our community. Thank you for your help in steering this!"

Cleo G., Editor-in-Chief 

Liquid I.V. 

"Annie has taken my product and given it life with her words. As an e-commerce business, I needed to trust and rely on a professional like Annie. She was beyond helpful and knowledgeable about email marketing strategy during my product launch, and I was not disappointed with her ability to convey what the product offers. Annie delivers! Grateful to have been able to work with her and will continue to keep her in my projects as we continue to grow online."

Mary Dee H., CEO & Founder 

Dermaskarf and SkinPerk Studio

“This was everything that my company was looking for! Annie not only wrote an incredible article that was SEO-optimized with keywords and sources relevant to our industry, but also sent it over to me within a few days time. Would definitely work with her again in the future!”

Kelsey G., Marketing Manager


“Annie has been nothing short of a godsend to us! After receiving her first writing project, we were so impressed with her writing that we instantly doubled down and hired her on the spot for the rest of the year!


Annie’s ability to take complicated scientific concepts and turn them into engaging prose that consumers will understand and enjoy is unique. She is an extraordinarily gifted writer and we are so grateful to be working with her –Thank you."

Catharine Arnston, CEO


"Working with Annie has been a great experience! She provided an outside perspective to our marketing efforts and helped us add more personality to our copy. As a vitamin brand, we have to be careful with the claims we make, and Annie did a fantastic job at wording things that work for both the brand and our customers."

Laura Vazquez, Brand Manager


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