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Our Team


Annie Stevens

Founder, Sr Copywriter 

Annie's background is diverse: grant writing, academia, marketing, donor retention and more.


Palmer Copy is specialized in SEO-optimized marketing copy and brand strategy for health & wellness companies in order to boost their online sales, strengthen their brand voice, and give them a competitive edge in an ever-expanding market. Schedule a discovery call in advance to reserve future contracts.


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Elizabeth Tobin


Elizabeth is an interior designer, poet, financial guru, and helps people create the vision for their brands & businesses. For more on her work, check out her website below.


Lauren Littlewood

Co-Coach, Launch + Scale Bootcamp

Lauren is a copywriter specializing in the health & wellness industry. Her mission is to provide effective marketing copywriting while using uplifting and inclusive language. She is here to support the Launch + Scale Bootcamp students on their business adventures.

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