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SEO Strategy Shouldn't Be a Secret.

To kickstart a lasting impact on your ranking, reach, and sales,

the one-off SEO consult isn't the best option.


The SEO Reboot package educates and empowers health brands to feel confident in taking charge of their long-term SEO marketing strategy in a way that is seamless, more efficient, and less costly over time.

Want more out of your Reboot and even less work for you? 

Choose the SEO Content Optimization add-on, details below!

The SEO Reboot 

Ideal for: Established health businesses, online wellness services, and health brands with marketing teams


Initial Consult

The brainstorming begins!


Ahead of your first consultation, I will audit your entire site and pull in-depth reports about technical SEO, keyword research and current trends, competitive analysis, ranking, and so on. We will go over this "big picture" view in your first consult. I will make suggestions about where to start optimizing and improving, as well as answer any questions about the data.

We will also choose the site page for SEO on-page optimization, which will be revised and sent to you within the next 4 weeks (More optimization for additional pages offered as add-on service).

The Next Three to Six Months

Depending on if you would like to schedule biweekly or monthly consults, the next four sessions will last three to six months. SEO takes about 90-180 days on average to start picking up momentum, which is why we space these out accordingly.

In each hour-long consult, you will receive fresh reports on your technical and on-page SEO, including changes in keyword ranking, website rankings, number of visitors, any continuing or new technical errors, and so forth. We will go over the reports, and I will answer questions and make suggestions on future action steps based on my research.

Team work

Final Consult

In this final hour-long meeting, I will hand you the keys to ongoing success with SEO. I pull and go over an extensive master report so you fully understand the data. You will be able to see how your site and metrics have changed from the first consult to now! 

Inbound marketing bonus: I also will leave you with a month's worth of content ideas so you can continue to build your online presence. 

Ship's Wheel

...And Beyond

Where you go next is totally up to you!

You can feel confident in analyzing data and pulling your own reports with your own software to inform your SEO marketing strategy.

Your other option if you can't bear to part ways is having me on for a monthly flat-fee. Each month, we will schedule an hour consult to go over reports and metrics I pull using my software--so you don't have to!

Virtual Conference

Other Services & Add-Ons

Modern Office

Total SEO Content Optimization

Ideal for: Brands that want a complete revamp of their entire website for more opportunities to rank higher in search.

Let's save you even more work. This service is an add-on to the SEO Reboot or available at per-page pricing.


I edit, rewrite, and structure copy on website pages of your choice for SEO on-page optimization. 


In the future, you'll be more knowledgeable about how to update your site and stay on top of trends, as SEO is always evolving.

Get a basic audit of your website's SEO status for free here!

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