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Annie-Eliza here, Annie for short!


I am a full-time SEO consultant, marketing copywriter, career coach, and owner of AE Palmer Copy LLC. 

From the moment I was given my first journal, I was obsessed with writing. By the age of seven, I was scribbling down poems about the animals I saw outside at my grandmother's house. 

I pursued writing in both undergraduate and graduate school. For the past seven years, I worked in online outreach, digital marketing, and grant writing, but my interest in being self-employed didn't waver. 

My experience with top health industry clients combined with my experience in SEO marketing, digital outreach efforts, and copywriting sets me apart from those who have a singular experience

 in one of these fields.


I am always taking courses and studying the latest trends in SEO digital marketing to stay on top of an online space that is always evolving. It's exciting work, and my goal is to empower health brands to feel the same way!


Everyone should be able to effectively market their brand vision without being left in the dark by big consulting firms.  As a consultant and writer, I am here to educate and bring a personal touch to SEO marketing strategy.

I spend my free time walking around the city with my dog Billie, cooking & shaking up cocktails with friends, meandering art museums & used bookstores, and of course, writing.​ 

Whether near or far, I look forward to hearing from you.



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