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Welcome to my virtual home sweet home.

I’m a freelance health marketing if you're looking for someone who is an SEO web content strategist with unique creative flair--you've come to the right place.

AE Palmer Copy has a proven track record of helping wellness and health science companies assert authority in the market, refresh their brand, and attract new eyes to their website. (Scroll on to see some testimonials!)

Let me take the reins! 

As both a seasoned professional and creative writer, I know how to put myself in your audience’s shoes. I have a knack for explaining medical and health topics without overburdening or talking down to the reader.

Health marketing copy doesn’t have to be boring…

in other words, my writing grabs your attention! So far, I have helped my clients gain thousands of views and new customer relationships via email campaigns, articles, ads, and revamped landing pages.

Examples of my work? No problem! Click here or on my portfolio page in the navigation above.

I tailor everything to meet you and your company’s needs with a personal approach you can’t typically find with a large marketing or copywriting agency. 

The conclusion: I write punchy, well-researched copy that is optimized for the digital age and you gain traffic & sales.



What They’re Saying


Casey Kennedy, Marketing Manager, AG Scientific

“Annie has been fantastic at crafting engaging, fresh content that is highly tailored for our scientific blog. She consistently delivers high-quality work and ensures we have the specific content we require for marketing outreach and brand development. Annie has a proven ability to perform in-depth research in the life sciences and she consistently communicates with us to ensure we achieve our goals. Looking forward to our continued partnership!”

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Email me using the address below or the box to the right for a free consultation, no commitment required! 

Talk about goals, timeline, and brainstorm with me. Afterwards, I will tailor a proposal to meet your needs. 

Let's do this! 

Typing somewhere in Providence, RI //
100% remote for national partnerships

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Typing somewhere in Providence, RI //
100% remote for national partnerships

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