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SEO Copywriter & Content Manager for Health & Wellness Brands 

Story, Meet Strategy.

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I boosted an algae supplement client's blog views and site clickthroughs from a couple hundred per blog post to over 12k+ from the very first post on each post I wrote for them in just three months. This correlated with increased customer engagement and increased sales via clickthroughs from the blog.  


You're your own best experiment. I ran a content strategy campaign for my own company on my socials with direct links to my site for one month in 2022 to see if there was an increase in web visitors. The direct and social traffic to my site jumped by 1261% in one month, and led to a 500% increase in my potential client inquiries. I also have built a LinkedIn community of over 4k+ people through co-hosting webinars, and posting valuable advice and reflections on marketing, SEO, copywriting, and mental wellness.


I've managed and written a startup vitamin client's blog from the beginning, as well as wrote their website and sales page copy for three years, utilizing SEO strategy. In that time their organic search traffic has risen by 250% and their site ranks in the top 10 Google Search positions for 210 keywords as of September 2023.


A wellness client experienced a 49% increase in organic search traffic through their blog in just 3 months with my help. I audited their site and blog, did keyword research, and came up with content strategy that increased traffic and converted viewers to customers with timely, trusted content. 

3 months

Hi there, I'm Annie.

I've been the marketing writer behind copy and SEO content strategy for some of your favorite health, wellness, and food brands.

My passion is working with companies that are committed to doing right by people and the planet. Brands that harness the power of e-commerce to make real changes in consumer awareness and empower people with their product. 

Doing that can be easier with the right content & social strategy.


Hard truth: copy is crucial to a brand's online presence and marketing strategy, but copy doesn't matter if no one is reading it. 


Yet consumers are relying more and more on social media apps and blogs to find new brands to support. 

It's why copywriters with knowledge of the health & food industry, SEO best practices, and creative storytelling are essential to a brand's success.


That’s where I come in. 

I'm an established copywriter and content manager who has crafted done-for-you copy that drives tangible results (see below) for years in partnership with leading health, wellness, and nutrition brands—particularly in the e-commerce space. 

The brands who work with me all have one thing in common: they value experienced copywriters who know that industry knowledge, SEO strategy, and storytelling together will bring in organic traffic, consumer engagement, and marketing wins. 


You have a story to tell—make sure people hear it. 

Now accepting new clients into 2024.

Cleo G., Editor-in-Chief

"Your blog articles, particularly the fitness articles, have increased our site viewership and converted to sales on our Liquid I.V. site. The content is clearly engaging our community. Thank you for your help in steering this!"


Catherine A., CEO

“Annie has been nothing short of a godsend to us!  After receiving her first writing project, we were so impressed with her writing that we instantly doubled down and hired her on the spot for the rest of the year! Annie’s ability to take complicated scientific concepts and turn them into engaging prose that consumers will understand and enjoy is unique. She is an extraordinarily gifted writer and we are so grateful to be working with her – hopefully for a very long time! Thank you Annie.”

Laura V., Brand Manager

"Working with Annie has been a great experience! She provided an outside perspective to our marketing efforts and helped us add more personality to our copy. As a vitamin brand, we have to be careful with the claims we make, and Annie did a fantastic job at wording things that work for both the brand and our customers."

What My Clients Think

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